Hello, I'm Celia

Celia Franceschi

I did the full-stack developer bookcamp at Le Wagon Marseille and I'm currently doing a training in development and cybersecurity.

Back-end Technologies : Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP



Santez is the project of a bootcamp colleague. This platform will allow people to be guided in alternative medicine. They will be accompanied by a health guide and all of their health journey will be online, much as an online courses type of platform.

On Santez I coded the blog, the health journey (with an online course pattern), and the possibilites for health guide to update or create health journeys and send quotes to clients.

I worked entirely remotely on this project.

Technologies : Ruby on Rails


The Good Wardrobe

As part of my bootcamp at Le Wagon, I had the chance to develop, as training project, The Good Wardrobe. During two weeks, we worked remotely (due to the health crisis) with a team of 5 people. I was product owner and developer. The Good Wardrobe is a wardrobe management tool to help you keep tracks of your behaviors and adopt good choices for the garment industry workers and for the environement.

I keep improving this project on my own for an upcoming V2

Technologies : Ruby on Rails, Javascript

The Good Wardrobe at Demoday

Volunteer work

Webassoc & Passerelles et compétences

I got in touch with two platforms that connect developers and small non-profits. In September I will help two non-profits with their websites, Yanous and La Classe à la maison.

Webassoc Passerelles et compétences

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